• Psychotherapy
    We provide individual and group therapy for a wide range of disorders.
  • Biofeedback
    An extremely effective procedure for learning relaxation, pain management, and stress reduction.
  • Tinnitus Retraining
    Based on the work of Pavel Jasterbov, we offer a multidisciplinary treatment for tinnitus.
  • Evaluations & Counseling for Bariatric Surgery
    Gastric Bypass and Lap Banding are very effective treatments for obesity. We provide comprehensive evaluations (a prerequisite for surgery) as well as ongoing counseling to help ensure successful and healthy weight loss.
  • Hypnosis and Meditation
    Smoking cessation, weight loss, and a wide range of stress related disorders are often helped with these techniques.
  • Address
    34 Sycamore Avenue
    Little Silver, NJ
    07739 USA
  • Telephone
    (732) 576-8925
  • Fax
    (732) 576-8814